Did You Know That Problems On Your Face Indicate Problems With Your Health

Did You Know That Problems On Your Face Indicate Problems With Your Health

You should definitely start paying closer attention to your body since it is trying to tell you something important about your health. A close friend of mine went on a doctor several years ago, complaining that she felt tired and had to numb of the extremities.

The doctors made many different tests in the clinic in Atlanta Georgia’s hospital, and after several thousand dollars spent, she was told that there was nothing physically wrong with her. After that, they told her husband to take her to a psychiatrists.  Sadly, Mary Jane died two years after the testing of Multiple Sclerosis.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, our skin is the first indication of health issues and diseases on specific organs inside our body.

In this article, we will present you what skin changes mean on certain parts of your face.

Between the eyebrows – Liver

Changes: Oily skin and acne

Causes: Eating too much red meat, allergy to some ingredients from the food you eat, poor digestion

Forehead – Small intestine and bladder

Changes: Oily skin and acne

Causes: Stress, alcohol, too much sugar and diet consisting of large amounts of oily foods that cause slow digestion.

Eyes and under the eyes – Kidneys

Changes: Grayness, dark skin, swelling, capillaries.

Causes: Smoking, poor blood circulation, irregular heartbeat

Cheeks – Kidneys and lungs

Changes: Acne, spots, paleness

Causes: Too much sugar intake, smoking too much stress, unhealthy food.

Lips and chin – Stomach

Changes: Skin paleness, acne, dark spots

Causes: Sleep deprivation, stress, too much sugar intake, too much fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol

Nose – Heart

Changes: Oily skin, acne, spots.

Causes: Hypertension, bloating, gases, spending too much time indoors, air pollution, poor circulation

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