How do I lose my weight 10 kg in a month

How do I lose my weight 10 kg in a month

Food plays crucial role in weight loss, before we go for Top 5 Food to reduce our weight we must insure that we are taking proper food combination in right amount.The number of people with obesity are increasing day by day due to rich food combination and irregular
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helped me in reducing my 10 kg in a month with natural way

No need to take expensive weight loss pills 

No need to pump iron for hour

sin gym and pay huge money to them

and no need to worry about side-effects of weigh loss process

Let me make you very clear here that how will you reduce your minimum of 10 kg weight in a month

Let us start now- How Top 5 Food can reduce weight In a month

What we are today or we can say the shape ,muscles of our body is the product of our eating habit, type of food we intake and lifestyle

What we eat matters most for our body as well as our body weight, so before we move to weight reduce plan we need to plan our food which not only reduce our weight but also provide us all nut

Let us focus on top 5 food which can reduce weight up to 10 kg in a month

Reducing 10 kg in month just by eating some food is little difficult if we add some exercise along with food,we can reach to the desired results soon

Before I mention all the Top 5 Food which are crucial and needed to burn fat and reduce weight ,you need to change you daily dieting habit and add some exercise

Avoid fat rich food in your meal daily
Avoid meat, beer and other spicy food which are very bad for you if you going for weight loss
Avoid extra intake of food and eat which is required to survive in this planet earth, do not live to eat
I do not suggest to go for dieting because it not the right way to lose weight. But you can have light dinner which will help you in long way
Daily running is necessary to burn fat and be fit .Need not to run for miles daily, half an hour jogging is sufficient in initial stage and you can increase later


Salad is a food with small pieces of vegetables and some salt they includes piece of fruits ,grains and vegetables.You can add some other food items like been, eggs ,meat too. There are different types of salad

which varies with one nation to other as per their food requirement. Most salads are served cold, although some are served warm

Salads are very good food item which helps to reduce your weight .If you ear sufficient amount of salad ,you eat fibers which are vital for our body at the same time you eat less fat rich food which are bad for your weight reduce plan. So eat as much salad as you can during dining

Green Leafs

Green leaves are another best food to reduce weight in very short time. The most important advantages of green leafs are

They do not contain fat at all which is best feature of them
Very healthy food item for healthy lifestyle
Rich in Iron which will help in increase blood quantity in your body
Eco-friendly food which is digested completely by your digestion system
Amla Juice

Amala juice is one of the best remedy for weight loss. Amala Juice contains very essential nutrients which help in burn extra calories of your stomach . You can search for amala juice in the market or buy from any shop near market. I used this product for a month and found very useful in reducing weight

Other advantages of Amala juice are

It helps in Reduce extra weight of you body
It improves your digestion system and control weight balance in your body
Amala juice also help in cancer treatment and skip problems
You can get rid of pimples of your face just by using Amala juice for a month
Green Tea

There are many variety of tea are availab

le in the market but green tea is one of the Top 5 Food which is most welcomed

and used tea in many countries.Green Tea originated in chine 4000 year back since then it has become one of the most enjoyed tea worldwide not only as a tea but also as a medicine for many disease like weight control ,cancer and some other
Green tea help a lot in reducing weight - How to use green tea for weight loss?

Collect best of the green tea from the market
Make it with right quantity if you don't know how to make green tea learn it before going in kitchen
Drink green tea twice a day for better result ,you can increase 2 to 3 per day as per your desire
You will start getting results in 5 to 10 days so continue it till you get desired results from it
There are no side effects of green tea but many more advantages so use it as a weight control food Item


Beans are very good cereals which grown and eat worldwide and very important for our body .Beans are contained high protein and vitamins which are very good for kidney and all round body development.Besides this beans are also very useful in weight loss. You can eat beans for weight loss
All the above food items are choose based on personal experience and results may vary for people to people .I suggest to follow the timetable for weight loss plan and get rid of extra fat

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