Right And Wrong Ways For Couples To Sleep Together

Right And Wrong Ways For Couples To Sleep Together

e spent up to one third of our life sleeping if you are in a relationship you will spend that time in bed with your significant other. What we are going to do is take a look at some of the different sleeping positions couples enjoy, after the review you should know which positions are good and which to avoid if at all possible.

If the lady or in some cases the man has long hair and wants to “spoon” please position your hair away from your partner so they are not smothered by your hair, it will make them more comfortable since no one wants to be smother while sleeping.

Guys when holding your lady cradle her in your arms so she feels comfortable and supported but do not try to “cop a feel” and put her body in an awkward position. The whole purpose of cuddling is to be comfortable so keep that in mind when embracing one another while sleeping or she could end up with neck pain in the morning.

Sleeping with a baby in your bed is never easy but if you are able to accept some inconveniences it can work but it won’t be easy. Parents with babies lose a tremendous amount of sleep the first couple of years so enjoy your sleep now while you can.

    If she likes to sleep on the edge of the bed don’t try to take advantage of her by sneaking up behind, respect her space and you will have a happier relationship.

If you are going to have the pets then keep them by your feet or they will take over the entire bed. While some couples love pets if at all possible keep them out of the bedroom, they can have
“accidents” that will wake you up plus no one likes fleas.

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