15 Ways To Make Your Tiny Home Bigger On The Inside

Ways To Make Your Tiny Home Bigger On The Inside

Use that wall space for more than just pictures. Fill it up with shelves

Raise up your bed, or use a window seat and put in a trundle bed for guests

That empty space under your kitchen cabinets? Yeah, it doesn’t have to be empty.

Under-the-stairs storage isn’t new, but this way is! I think I’ll end up trying number five

Or how about IN the stairs? Seriously. So much dead space. Drawers seem like a given

You may not need storage, so how about an office

Add built-in cubbies for your family and keep everyone organized

How did this even happen?! A play area for kids just thrown in over the stairs. Perfection. But number nine? That’s just brilliant.

Create a frame around your door to add more storage

Put a trundle bed under a mirror for a built-in guest room

Add a shelf above the sink for all those random, little bathroom supplies

Cut a hole in the wall. Why? This amazing, tiny, hidden closet; that’s why. You think that’s an amazing find? Wait’ll you see number 13

Every floor should be like this. Best hide-and-seek games ever in this raised room

Add a skinny table behind your couch if you don’t have enough room for a table

More shelves. Shelves everywhere. Shelves above the door. When in doubt: shelves

And for those small rooms, add a shelf to replace a side table

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