Inexpensive Ideas To Organize The Whole House

Inexpensive Ideas To Organize The Whole House

A strip of the 'sticky' side of velcro keeps stuffed animals off the floor

Bamboo skewers and a vase make inexpensive (and safe) knife storage

Craft your own custom drawer organizer using strips of wood and wood glue

Hang boots using pant hangers to keep them from getting creased

Hanging shoe storage on the inside of a cabinet creates a space for cleaning products

Hooks and dowels make for easy wrapping paper (or aluminum foil!) storage

Make your own earring and ring storage using plastic drawers and craft foam.

Organize the pantry using baskets and labels. They don't even have to match!

Sections of PVC pipe mounted to the wall keeps garden tools in check. You could also use this for cleaning products

Transfer your bath and body products to uniform bottles for a sense of organization

Diy Transferring bulk items to stackable airtight containers saves room and keeps food fresh

Use a CD as a template to make closet dividers using cardboard and scrapbook paper

Use cardboard for these DIY drawer organizers

Use command hooks and small baskets to store small items under the kitchen sink

Use dollar store bins to organize the bathroom sink once and for all.

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