Genius Hacks to Make A Parent’s Job Easier

Genius Hacks to Make A Parent’s Job Easier

A crib sheet provides shade and protection from bugs

A thrift store camera bag is the best diaper bag

Avoid the mess, with un-meltable popsicles

Creative pacifier storage

Easy and Fun Woven Wrap Hammock

Frozen Breast milk On A Stick

Installing a Baby Gate Without Drilling

Kid Safety Temporary Tattoo A DIY Kid Safety Temporary Tattoo. Perfect for when you’re in large crowded areas

Penny as Tap Shoes  A clever way to repurpose an everyday item.

Sitting on a stability ball while doing homework can improve child’s concentration

Teaching a Child To Hold a Pencil using a Kleenex

This way they can put their shoes on the correct foot by themselves

Use a glue gun to prevent shoes from slipping

You Shall Not Pass Toilet Paper Sign!
Sparkler Shield

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