Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover In Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How

Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover In Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How

If you constantly suffer from stubborn colds, you certainly want to try and enhance your immune system. Fortunately, the Russian doctor Sergei Bubnovskiy invented a new technique which will help you get rid of those stubborn colds fast.

According to the Russian doctor , soaking your feet in an ice-cold bath for 10 to 15 seconds before going to bed, will strengthen and boost your immune system. This odd technique will activate your body and immune system for the fight against the flu and the common cold.

Follow these steps:

First of all, fill a tub (basin) with cold water and then add as much ice as you can. After that, just dip your feet in the ice-cold water for 10 to 15 seconds.

In order to really strengthen your immune system, make sure to repeat this technique every night before you hit the sheets. Above all, this technique is beneficial for those with fragile and weak immune system. They should soak their feet in ice-cold water every 4 hours.

A study conducted by the University of Virginia, revealed that the ice water actually reinvigorates the norepinephrine formation, which is a hormone similar to adrenaline.


Improves skin and complexion 

Ice-cold water therapy is the best technique for skin rejuvenation. Hot water can dehydrate the skin, therefore the cold water is a better option. It improves circulation, and tightens the skin preventing the clogging of pores and appearance of wrinkles.

Shiny Hair

Cold water closes the hair cuticles, therefore your hair becomes frizz-free, shinier and smoother.

Eases the pain of sore Muscles

In order to rejuvenate sore muscles, soak aching muscles in ice-cold water.

Relieves Symptoms of Depression

The cold water makes a strong impact on the receptors in the skin, so taking a cold shower will ease the symptoms  of depression. Person’s mood is improved as the result of the adrenaline rush through the body due to cold water.


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